Division of Biological Sciences

The Division of Biological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science is a hub for innovative research, interdisciplinary collaborations and teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Research at the Division spans all levels of biological organisation -- the cell and its components, body functions, agents of infection, and ecosystem level research. Students at all levels are exposed to cutting edge research, fostering an environment for innovation in the verdant green environs of the beautiful IISc campus.

The Division encompasses three major departments, four smaller Centres and three facilities and has on its rolls more than eighty faculty members and about 300 research scholars and post doctoral fellows. The scientists in the Division deal with almost all aspects of modern biology: molecular biology, structural biology, immunology, enzymology, reproductive and developmental biology, ecological and environmental studies and so on. The methods employed in these investigations include genetic engineering, immunological techniques, PCR, spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, electron-microscopy, bioinformatics and computer modelling.