Bioengineering Facility

The BE facilities have been established on the 3rd Floor of the Biological Sciences Building and include a laboratory which is being equipped gradually. Two INSPIRE Faculty have joined the BE Programme and are setting up their laboratories.

Core equipment in the BE facility include 2 Atomic Force Microscopes from Park Systems. These machines are run by a dedicated operator and were procured through a grant from DBT on Bioengineering and Biodesign obtained by a few faculty interested in Bioengineering. The facility has however been opened out to anyone on Campus. Usage of the facility is indicated below.


Under the same DBT grant, we have recently procured a High Content Imaging Platform, the InCell 6000 from GE Health Sciences. This equipment has been installed in the past month. The instrument allows confocal imaging of slides, dishes and plates and live cell imaging is also possible, using bright field as well as fluorescence. There is a dedicated operator and we will soon open out the facility to everyone in the Biolgical Sciences Division. Currently usage has been largely restricted to members of the BE Programme to ensure proper functioning before opening out the facility. A dedicated operator has been hired to run the facility.