Mass Spectrometry Facility

This facility started a decade back and during the last phase of DBT support several new equipments were added as listed below. The list of publications (2012-Aug.-2014-Sept.) will show that it is being used optimally and many samples from different laboratories and universities, companies around the country are submitted here. The facility is running with minimum down-time. Most of the samples we receive are for mass determination, confirmation of site-directed mutations, sequencing and few are for post-translational modifications. The list of publications (44 papers in two years, and only from IISc) is not exhaustive, but indicates that MS analysis is now a routine procedure in every laboratory. We do not have the full list of publications from other users.


Mass spectrometry facility

  • Maxis impact (ESI Q TOF)  
  • UltrafleXtreme (MALDI TOF/TOF)  

Installed on 14th June 2013

(In place of UltrafleX MALDI TOF/TOF and ESI MicrOTOF Q)

Purpose:Dedicated towards characterizations and investigations of

  •  Proteomes
  •  Metabolites
  •  Natural peptide libraries
  •  Nucleic acid
  •  Different biological systems.

MALDI TOF: (PMF Analysis)

  • Mass determination of proteins, peptides, small molecules, organic compounds etc. from crude mixtures.
  • Fragmentation and De novo sequencing of biomolecules.
  • Identification of proteins from 2-D gels.


  • Accurate mass measurements of biomolecules with sub ppm mass accuracy.
  • Identification and structure elucidations of metabolites with high mass accuracy.
  • Rapid, sensitive and high resolution analysis of proteomes through nano LC MS/MS.
  • Determination of macro-molecular complexes, allows detection and subsequent analysis of large macromolecular complexes, such as protein-protein and protein nucleic acids.