Real Time PCR and Bioplex Facility

There are two real time PCR machines (ABI) and One bioplex (Biorad)

The real time PCR machines is used extensively by several (more than 40 faculties) for measuring transcript levels in various systems like mammalian cells including human, mice, rats etc, bacteria, yeast.  

A large number of papers have been published using data generated from real time PCR machines.



This Facility is used by the following faculty for measuring cytokines.

Dr. Kumarvel Somasundaram -          Dept. of Microbiology & Cell biology

Dr. Dipshika Chakravortty -               Dept. of Microbiology & Cell biology

Dr. K. N. Balaji -                                Dept. of Microbiology & Cell biology           

Dr. Anjali A. Karande -                      Dept. of Biochemistry

Dr.  Dipankar Nandi -                        Dept. of Biochemistry