Publications 2013

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Scientific Publications of the Centre for Ecological Sciences
for the year 2013

Theme I: Community, forest and wildlife ecology

Baskaran, N., Kannan, G., Anbarasan, U., Thapa, A. and Sukumar, R. (2013). A landscape-level assessment of Asian elephant habitat, its population and human-elephant conflict in the Anamalai hill ranges of southern Western Ghats, India. Mammalian Biology 78: 470-481.

Chelliah, K., and Sukumar, R. ­(2013). The role of tusk, musth and body size in male-male competition among Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). Animal Behaviour 86: 1207-1214.

Chelliah, K., Bukka, H. and Sukumar, R. ­(2013). Modelling harvest rates and numbers from age and sex ratios: a demonstration for elephant populations­­. Biological Conservation 165: 54–61.

Ghosal, R., Ganswindt, A., Seshagiri, P.B., Sukumar, R. (2013). Endocrine correlates of musth in free-ranging Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) determined by non-invasive faecal steroid hormone metabolite measurements. PLoS ONE 8(12): e84787. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0084787.

Guttal, V.*, Jayaprakash, C.*, Tabbaa, O.P.* (2013). Robustness of early warning signals of regime shifts in time-delayed ecological models, Theoretical Ecology, 6:271-283. (*All authors contributed equally to this manuscript and the names are listed in alphabetical order).

Jain, M., Diwakar, S., Bahuleyan, J., Deb, R., Balakrishnan, R. (2013). A rain forest dusk chorus: cacophony or sounds of silence? Evolutionary Ecology, DOI 10.1007/s10682-013-9658-7.

Jaiswara, R. Nandi, D., Balakrishnan, R. (2013). Examining the Effectiveness of Discriminant Function Analysis and Cluster Analysis in Species Identification of Male Field Crickets Based on Their Calling Songs. PLOS ONE, Volume 8, Issue 9, e75930.

Jorge, A.A., Vanak AT, Thaker, M., Begg C, Slotow R. (2013). Costs and benefits of the presence of leopards to the sport hunting industry and local communities in Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique. Conservation Biology, 27: 832-843.

Nandi, D., Balakrishnan, R. (2013). Call intensity is a repeatable and dominant acoustic feature determining male call attractiveness in a field cricket. Animal Behaviour, 86, 1003e1012.

Puri, M., N. Namboothri and Shanker, K. (2013) Multi-scale patterns in co-occurrence of rocky inter-tidal gastropods along the west coast of India. Oikos.

Rajaraman, K., Mhatre, N., Jain, M., Postles, M., Balakrishnan, R. and Robert, D. (2013). Low-pass filters and differential tympanal tuning in a paleotropical bushcricket with an unusually low frequency call. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 216, 777-787.

Rao, G.R., Krishnakumar, G., Dudani1, S.N., Subash Chandran, M.D. and Ramachandra, T.V. (2013). Vegetation Changes along Altitudinal Gradients in Human Disturbed Forests of Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats. Journal of Biodiversity, 4(2): 61-68.

Sekar, N. and Sukumar, R. (2013). Waiting for Gajah: an elephant mutualist’s contingency plan for an unreliable megafaunal disperser. Journal of Ecology 101: 1379–1388.

Singh*, N.J., & Bagchi, S. * (2013). Applied ecology in India: scope of science and policy to meet contemporary environmental and socio-ecological challenges. Journal of Applied Ecology, 50:4-14. *equal contribution.

Sridhar, H. and Shanker, K. (in press) Using intra-flock association patterns to understand why birds participate in mixed species foraging flocks in terrestrial habitats. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology.

Sridhar, H., Jordan, F. and Shanker, K. (2013) Species importance and resilience of a heterospecific foraging association network. Oikos, 122: 1325-1334.

Theme II: Animal behaviour and evolution

A. Catherine Markham & Guttal, V. & Susan C. Alberts & Jeanne Altmann (2013). When good neighbors don't need fences: temporal landscape partitioning among baboon social groups. Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol., 67:875–884.

Bansal, R., & Karanth, K.P. (2013). Phylogenetic Analysis and Molecular Dating Suggest That Hemidactylus anamallensis Is Not a Member of the Hemidactylus Radiation and Has an Ancient Late Cretaceous Origin. PloS one, 8(5), e60615. Doi:10.1371/jounal.pone.0060615.

Krishnan, A., Joshi, K.A., Abraham A., Ayyub, S., Lahiry, M., Mukherjee, R., Javadekar, S.M., Narayan, V., and Borges R.M. (2013). Finding hidden females in a crowd: mate recognition in fig wasps. [Invited paper for Special Issue of Acta Oecologica on Fig–Wasp Interactions resulting from the VIII International Fig Symposium held at University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, 2012]. 10.1016/j.actao.2013.03.015.

Datta-Roy, A., Mohapatra, P.P., Dutta, S.K., Giri, V.B., Veerappan, D., Maddock, S.T., Prudhvi Raj, and Agarwal, I.& Karanth, P. (2013). A long-lost relic from the Eastern Ghats: Morphology, distribution and habitat of Sepsophis punctatus Beddome, 1870 (Squamata: Scincidae). Zootaxa , 3670 (1) (2013): 055-062.

Borges R.M., Bessière J-M, and Ranganathan, Y. (2013). Diel changes in volatiles across fig syconium development: making sense of scents. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 39, 630-642.

Joshi, J. and Karanth, P.K. (2013). Did southern Western Ghats of peninsular India serve as refugia for its endemic biota during the Cretaceous volcanism? Ecology and Evolution; 3(10):3275-3282; doi: 10.1002/ece3.603.
Sekar, S. and Karanth, P.K. (2013) Flying between Sky Islands: The Effect of Naturally Fragmented Habitat on Butterfly Population Structure. PLoS ONE 8(8) e71573. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071573.

Isvaran K., Ponkshe A., (2013). How general is a female mating preference for clustered males in lekking species? A meta-analysis. Animal Behaviour 86:417-425.

Jorge, A.A., Vanak, A.T., Thaker, M., Begg C., Slotow R., (2013). Costs and benefits
of the presence of leopards to the sport hunting industry and local communities in Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique. Conservation Biology, 27: 832-843.

Nandi, A.K., Bhadra, A., Sumana, A., Deshpande, S.A., Gadagkar, R. (2013). The evolution of complexity in social organization—A modelusing dominance-subordinate behavior in two social wasp species. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 327 (2013) 34–44.

Datta-Roy, A., Das, I., Bauer, A.M., Lyngdoh Tron, R.K., & Karanth, P.K. (2013). Lizard Wears Shades. A Spectacled Sphenomorphus (Squamata: Scincidae), from the Sacred Forests of Mawphlang, Meghalaya, North-east India. Zootaxa, 3701 (2): 257–276.

Shukla, S., Shilpa, M. C., Gadagkar, R. (2013). Virgin wasps develop ovaries on par with mated females, but lay fewer eggs. Insect Society, 60:345–350.

Shukla, S., Chandran, S. and Gadagkar, R. (2013). Ovarian developmental variation in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata suggests a gateway to worker ontogeny and the evolution of sociality. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 216, 181-187.

Borges, R.M. (2013) A million years from now who can say whether humans will still roam on earth. Knowledge, 98.

Vanak, A.T., Fortin, D., Thaker, M., Owen C, Lehmann M, Greatwood S, Slotow R.
(2013). Moving to stay in place: behavioral mechanisms for coexistence of
large African carnivores. Ecology, 94: 2619, V2631.

Theme III: Human and Landscape Ecology

C. Brown et al including Sukumar, R. (2013). Multispecies coexistence in tropical forests: spatial signals of topographic niche differentiation increase with environmental heterogeneity. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280: 20130502.

Chisholm, R.A. et al including Sukumar, R. (2013). Scale-dependent relationships between tree species richness and ecosystem function in forests. Journal of Ecology 101: 1214–1224.

Isvaran K., Ponkshe A., 2013, How general is a female mating preference for clustered males in lekking species? A meta-analysis. Animal Behaviour 86:417-425.

Jadeja S., Prasad S., Quader S., Isvaran K. 2013 Antelope mating strategies facilitate invasion of grasslands by a woody weed. Oikos 122:1441-1452.

Kumar, U., Raja, K.S., Mukhopadhyay, C. and Ramachandra, T.V. (2013). Assimilation of endmember variability in spectral mixture analysis for urban land cover extraction. J. Adv. Space Res.,

Mahapatra, D. M., Chanakya, H. N., and Ramachandra, T. V. (2013). Euglena sp. as a suitable source of lipids for potential use as biofuel and sustainable wastewater treatment. J. Appl. Phycol., 2013, 1-11.DOI 10.1007/s10811-013-9979-5.

Mahapatra, D.M. and Ramachandra, T.V. (2013). Algal biofuel: bountiful lipid from Chlorococcum sp. proliferating in municipal wastewater, Current Science, 105(1): pp. 47-55.

Mahapatra, D.M., Chanakya, H.N. and Ramachandra, T.V. (2013). Treatment efficacy of algae based sewage treatment plants. Env. Mon. Assess., 2013, 1-20. DOI 10.1007/s10661-013-3090-x.

Ramachandra T.V. and Aithal, B.H. (2013). Urbanisation and Sprawl in the Tier II City: Metrics, Dynamics and Modelling using Spatio-Temporal Data, International Journal of Remote Sensing Applications, 3 (2), June 2013: Pp 65-74,

Ramachandra T.V., Aithal, B.H and Vinay, S. Land Use Land Cover Dynamics in a Rapidly Urbanising Landscape, SCIT Journal, Volume XIII, August 2013, pp xx-xx.

Ramachandra T.V., Mahapatra, D.M., Samantray, S. and Joshi. N.V. (2013). Algal biofuel from urban wastewater in India: Scope and challenges, renewable and Sustainable Energy review, 21:767–777,

Ramachandra T.V., Meera, D.S. and Alakananda, B. (2013). Influence of Catchment Land Cover Dynamics on the Physical, Chemical and Biological Integrity of Wetlands, Environment & We -International Journal of Science & Technology -(EWIJST), pp 8(1): 37-54.

Ramachandra T.V., Shwetmala, K., Dania, T.M. (2014). Carbon footprint of solid waste sector in Greater Bangalore, India, In Assessment of Carbon Footprint in Different Industrial Sectors (ed. S.S. Muthu), Volume 1,Eco Production, DOI: 10.1007/978-981-4560-41-2_11, Springer Science, Singapore pp. 265-292.

Ramachandra, T.V. and Aithal, B.H. (2013). Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Urbanising Landscape in Twin Cities in Karnataka, India. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics, Volume 1, Issue 5, ISSN 2320 – 5121.

Ramachandra, T.V. and Aithal, B.H. (2013). Understanding urban sprawl dynamics of Gulbarga - Tier II city in Karnataka through spatio-temporal data and spatial metrics, International Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences, 3(3), 388-404.

Ramachandra, T.V. and Hegde, G. (2013). Solar Energy - Sustainable Energy Option. In: The Association of Energy Engineers, Energy Window, VOL. 11 (ISSUE # 1-3), pp. 1-8.

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Ramachandra, T.V., Bharath, H.A. and Sowmyashree, M.V. (2013) Analysis Of Spatial Patterns Of Urbanisation Using Geoinformatics And Spatial Metrics. In: Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, Vol. 8, Issue 4, pp. 5-24.

Ramachandra,T.V., Shwetmala, Chanakya, H.N., (2013). Interventions in the management of urban solid waste, International Journal of Environmental Sciences, 1(3): 259-267.

Ramaswami, G. and Sukumar, R. (2013). Long-term environmental correlates of invasion by Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) in a seasonally dry tropical forest. PLoS ONE 8(10): e76995. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0076995.

Ramaswami, G. and Sukumar, R. (2013). Performance of established native seedlings in relation to invasive Lantana camara, rainfall and species’ habitat preferences in a seasonally dry tropical forest. Plant Ecology 214: 397-408.

Setturu, B., Rajan, K.S. and Ramachandra, T.V. (2013). Land Surface Temperature Responses to Land Use Land Cover Dynamics. Geoinfor Geostat: An Overview, 1:4

Theme IV: Climate Change

Bagchi, S., D.D. Briske, B.T. Bestelmeyer, & X.B. Wu (2013). Assessing resilience and state-transition models with historical records of cheatgrass Bromus tectorum invasion in North American sagebrush-steppe, Journal of Applied Ecology, 50:1131-1141.

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