Talk on 25th Oct 2013 at 3pm on ""Research Journey at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore""

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Dear All,

Centre for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science

presents a talk

Title: Research Journey at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Speaker: Dr. Nalini Dwarakanath
Counseling Psychologist,
Centre for Counselling & Support
Indian Institute of Science,

Day: 25th Oct 2013, Friday

Time: 3pm

Tea/Coffee: After the talk

Venue: CES Seminar Hall, 3rd Floor, Biological Sciences Building.

Abstract: Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore is known for its
Quality of Research and Academic Pursuits worldwide. The students go
through vigorous selection process before they enter this temple of
Excellence. After joining over a period of time, the students experience
some kind of pressure and stress for varied reasons as Academic Pressure,
poor intra and inter-personal relations with friends or faculties; peer
pressure; High achievement motivation, and messed up personal
relationships or friendships. Most of these issues arise out of lack of
awareness poor understanding and or little knowledge on handling or
dealing with them. Inability to cope with distress situations generates
negative emotions in the individuals, pushing them to depressive state.
These situations sometimes become very delicate and sensitive to deal with
for both the students as well as the faculties who have to guide them.

With this background the interactive session on” Research Journey at IISc”
is aimed at giving an understanding of the issues that are most commonly
faced by the students. It is hoped that this session will create an
awareness on Understanding “SELF & ENVIRONMENT”, which is very important
for a progressive and productive career as well as personal life.

The session will be made interesting with a very famous theory of
Psychology, “ Johario’s Window” to understand Self ( I am OK, You are OK)
and through a psychological and Management Principle “Transactional
analysis” to understand the environment and the people around to
experience a“ Win-Win” situation for achieving the end result for which
one joins the institute.

Speakers profile:

Doctorate in Psychology with specialization in Cognitive Psychology and
Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy and Rational Emotional Behavior
Therapy Post Graduate Degrees in Psychology, Human Resource Management and
Education. Have 3 decades of experience in Academic Domain dealing with
students of different age groups from school, College, Universities &
Professional Colleges.

A Certified Counseling Psychologist with a span of 20 Years of experience
in Psychological Counseling. Has been associated with the institute since
2007 as consultant Counseling Psychologist.

All are cordially welcome


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