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Study by Pratibha Yadav and Renee Borges shows that insects can smell with their ovipositors

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The egg laying organ of insects, their ovipositor, is usually believed to only taste via chemical receptors. A recent study by CES PhD student Pratibha Yadav and Prof. Renee Borges shows that insect ovipositor can also sense smell.

Study by Nikita Zachariah, Renee Borges and colleagues reveals that termites build mounds from anything they can chew and move on

photo-credit: Nikhil More

Photo-credit: Nikhil More

Bower bird nests, bee hives and towering termite mounds have always fascinated architects, naturalists and laypersons alike but we barely know how they are built. A study by an interdisciplinary team consisting Nikita Zachariah (a PhD student) and Prof. Renee M Borges from CES, Aritra Das from the Centre for NeuroScience and Prof. Tejas Murthy from the Department of Civil Engineering, IISc offers interesting clues on how termites build huge mounds.

CES students shine at the 54th Animal Behaviour Society Meeting in Toronto in June 2017. by Maria Thaker

CES students shine

CES students shine at the 54th Animal Behaviour Society Meeting in Toronto in June 2017.

Madhura Amdekar, a PhD student of Maria Thaker, got an Honorable Mention (second place) for the Founders Memorial Poster Award.

Pratibha Yadav, a PhD student of Renee Borges, got an Honorable Mention (second place) for the 3-Minute Thesis Presentation Award.

As a faculty at CES, it was a particularly proud moment for me to watch them win. They had some tough competition, and it was well deserved. Great job, ladies!!

Best ENVIS 2015-16 awarded to CES, IISc.

(i) Sri. Ajay Narayan Jha, Secretary, The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change presented the Best ENVIS Centre (thematic)
2015-16 award to Dr.T.V.Ramachandra, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

(ii) Namma Bengalurean 2016 award of Namma Bengaluru Foundation, Bangalore.

(iii) Dr.T.V.Ramachandra was Conferred the ROTARY EXEMPLARS 2017 - Citizen Extraordinaire award.

Bangalore - Unlivable city (Editorial in Current Science) by T.V. Ramachandra and Bharath H. Aithal

Bangalore-Unlivable city

This article was published in 'Current Science' dated 25th June 2016 as Guest Editorial and the weblink is
Bengaluru’s reality: towards unlivable status with unplanned urban trajectory