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New publication: Morphological diversification of geckos from Peninsular India


Studying adaptive radiations, such as Darwin's finches from the Galápagos Islands, can give us key insights into generalities of ecomorphological diversification. This paper from the Karanth lab examines morphological diversification in Hemidactylus geckos from Peninsular India that occur in a wide range of microhabitats. 

New publication on how Asian elephants make decisions about their diet

Contrary to the expected hypothesis that crop-raiding elephants in a human-dominated landscape will exhibit higher stress, the authors found that the stress levels were lower than expected, and it could be due to access to the superior quality of diet (as shown by higher NDVI and faecal Nitrogen content). 

Salient findings of the study: 

  1. Lower levels of faecal glucocorticoid metabolites (as a proxy of stress) in crop-raiding elephants, than the elephants in protected forests. 

New publication on Asian Elephant Thanatological behaviour

This paper deals with how wild Asian elephants react towards the injured, dying and dead conspecifics.  The branch of science that deals with understanding the reactions of individuals towards dead or death is termed 'Thanatology'. This is the first documentation on Asian elephants thanatological behaviour. 

Link to publication: 

Media coverage: 

Maria Thaker awarded Priti Shankar Teaching Award by IISc

CES congratulates Dr Maria Thaker for receiving the 2018 Professor Priti Shankar Teaching Award for Assistant Professors for Science. She received the award on 15 March 2019, during the meeting of the Court of IISc.

Maria currently teaches an Experiments in Ecology course for undergraduate Biology majors, co-teaches Animal Behaviour for post-graduate students, and conducts an annual workshop in Academic Ethics at CES and in several Institutes around the country.  

Pratibha Yadav awarded “Post-Doctoral Fellowship for outstanding Post-Doctoral Researchers from China & India”

Dr Pratibha Yadav, an alumnus of CES who did her PhD with Prof Renee Borges, has been awarded “Post-Doctoral Fellowship for outstanding Post-Doctoral Researchers from China & India” (by the Planning and Budgeting Committee, Council for Higher Education in Israel). Pratibha will take up this fellowship (starting Oct' 2019) to continue her postdoctoral research at the Tel Aviv University where she joined in Oct’ 2018 through another fellowship that she was awarded by the Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University.