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Its raining bush frogs in the Western Ghats by Kartik Shanker and SP Vijayakumar

Bush Frogs

Its raining bush frogs in the Western Ghats
Kartik Shanker and SP Vijayakumar

Should you find yourself wandering in the cloud-drenched mountains of the Western Ghats, you would be engulfed by a cacophony of frog calls. Many of these will be bush frogs, a group of miniature frogs distributed throughout south and southeast Asia. Some are so small that they can be accommodated on your thumbnail!

The story of a river: tracking lantana's relentless spread by Anjali Vaidya

The adaptable garden plant Lantana camara has been spreading across India and edging out native species for two hundred years now, despite all efforts to control its growth. Scientists suggest that we could more effectively manage the plant by focusing our attention on riverside habitats.

Friend or foe – The Lantana conundrum


By Geetha Ramaswami.

Lantana camara L. (lantana), a harmless looking thorny shrub with beautiful yellow and red flowers, is considered to be one of the world’s 100 most noxious weeds. Although a native of South and Central America, it is now found across dry tropics of India. It is often associated with reduced biodiversity and the chemicals it produces, called allelopathic substances, is speculated to be detrimental to growth of native species.