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Name: Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel

Born on the land of natural grandeurs-Nepal, I grew up observing the splendid biodiversity, wildlife in particular and their serenity. Since my college days, I always wanted to explore how 'human' facet of ecosystem impacts the nature and it's components. Meanwhile, the Indian Council for Cultural Relationship (ICCR), Delhi and Government of India awarded me the international scholarship to pursue the master’s course in Environmental Science (2008) at the Institute of Environmental Studies (IES), Kurukshetra University, Haryana India. This gave me a wonderful platform to foster my curiosity. During my study at IES, I got a chance to work with the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun. The internship in WII gave me an opportunity to explore the majestic high-altitude alpine meadows of Uttarakhand, India and hence to understand the impact of winter games on the avian diversity. I am delighted for the fact that this study became the first baseline information for the avian diversity in Auli Bugyal, Uttarakhand. The work in WII fueled up my quests for furthering the exploration in the field of wildlife conservation. Broadly interested in Conservation biology, I worked for WWF-Nepal on Gharials Conservation Project (2010) after completing the master’s degree. This was again a great opportunity for me to carry on my research to see the impacts of human-presence on the Gharial population. Beside, the proximity to the wilderness during my field works inspired me. In WWF-Nepal, I carried the detail monitoring of Gavialis gangeticus which included its ecological as well as its behavioral study. This project aided in escalating my thirst to study the wildlife ecology.
Presently, I am working to understand the impact of various ecological as well as anthropogenic factors on the stress physiology of free-ranging Asian Elephants. The outcome from this research will give us an insight about the physiological manifestation in the wild animals. Beside research, I love fantasizing poems, photography and sketching.

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