Viraj R. Torsekar

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Name: Viraj R. Torsekar

I’m interested in the evolution of behaviourand will be working on predator-prey relations in Crickets and a still-working-on-it predator, looking into their acoustic behaviour.

I truly believe I went through school and college because societal norms dictated so. With both parents being Doctors (the relevant kind), medicine should’ve been the natural choice of profession; especially in a time when medicine and engineering were the only options any self-respecting boy from Bombay was expected to choose from. But with the smarter elder brother exploring ‘alternative’ career options, things were easier for me. Although my doing a Ph.D. itself is but a happy happenstance, it being done in a Biological discipline is no coincidence. For me biology was like Neo from the movie ‘The Matrix’, not constrained by the laws of Matrix; while other science disciplines were Agents.

Rohini Balakrishnan
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