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The Centre for Ecological Sciences welcomes students and researchers interested in working in any area of ecology, evolution, behaviour and conservation to join us in exploring exciting research questions of both fundamental and applied importance.


Depending on your background and interests, the Centre offers various opportunities such as a regular PhD program for those with an MSc or B.Tech degree, an Integrated PhD program for highly motivated BSc students already keen on beginning research and a broad inter-disciplinary undergraduate program in Biology. Click on the following links to learn more about each of these programs:

PhD Program


Integrated PhD Program


UG biology program


IISc follows a semester scheme, with courses offered from Aug-Dec and Jan-April. Courses cover a vast range of topics such as animal behaviour, phylogenetics, biogeography, community ecology, theoretical and quantitative ecology. In addition to formal programs, CES faculty offer short-term workshops and courses that are advertised on this website. You can learn more about course work by looking at the following links:


You can visit our research page and faculty profiles for details of research work being carried out. If you are interested in any of the fields of research in this Centre, please identify the faculty member(s) working in that area and feel free to directly contact him/her.