Project Positions

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Extramural grants obtained by individual faculty may allow them to hire personnel to assist in various research projects. These positions do not lead to a degree, but enable one to acquire skills in cutting edge areas of research that the Centre engages in. Such positions are typically advertised on this website or on other public fora. For such positions, we encourage you to contact a specific faculty member with your CV, highlighting why you find their work interesting and how you may be able to contribute to their work. We urge you to first familiarize yourselves with the nature of research done in the labs before writing to the respective Principal investigator. A good way to do this is by reading some of their publications.

Typical positions available under such externally funded projects can be project assistants, project trainees and field assistants/trainees.

For postdoc positions, you should have demonstrated your ability to conduct research through publications in recognized journals. Salary of a postdoctoral researcher might depend on the post-PhD experience, and ranges from INR 22,000 to 25,000 plus an HRA (an additional 30% to the above amount). Postdocs are also typically offered on-campus housing at a nominal rate.

The minimum eligibility criterion for Project assistants is MSc/B Tech in a relevant discipline. The salary paid is as per norms of the IISc and funding agencies, based on experience and skills.

The minimum eligibility for project trainees is an undergraduate degree (B. Sc / B. Com). Additional qualifications will vary depending on whether the position is lab based or field based.Interested applicants should contact the concerned faculty for more details.

For such positions, it is typically expected that applicants work for a minimum of six months but preferably one to two years.