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Evolution forms the unifying theme of all research at the Centre for Ecological Sciences. The study of evolution cuts across scales, which is the approach for researchers at CES. We study evolution at the level of genes, development, individuals, groups (social behavior) as well as the evolution of biological diversity at different levels ( genes, populations and communities). We investigate these using molecular tools, behavioural studies, field observations and mathematical models.

Faculty working in areas related to evolutionary research are:

Rohini Balakrishnan: Evolution of acoustic signals and signaling behaviour.

Renee M. Borges: Co-evolution of plant-animal interactions.

Raghavendra Gadagkar: The evolution of social life in insects.

Vishwesha Guttal: The evolution of animal movement and collective patterns; Role of space in evolutionary dynamics.

Kavita Isvaran: Evolution of social and reproductive traits; Sexual selection.

Praveen Karanth: Population genetics, phylogenetics, biogeography and evolution.

Kartik Shanker: Historical biogeography, phylogeography and phylogenetics.

Kartik Sunagar: Animal Venoms, Advanced Antivenoms and Snakebite Therapy, Evolutionary Biology, and Genomics.