Molecular ecology lab

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With the advent of modern molecular tools and computer programs for genetic data analysis, traditional areas of ecology and evolution have undergone a makeover. This has led to the emergence of an exciting interdisciplinary area called molecular ecology. Molecular ecology uses the principles of population genetics and molecular phylogenetics to address questions in ecology, evolution, and behaviour. The research program of the various faculty of CES is very diverse, nevertheless almost every laboratory uses molecular tools to some extent in their work. Thus, most research programs in CES have a molecular ecology component.

Keeping this in mind a common molecular ecology lab was established that serves as a departmental facility. The lab is open to members of CES. This lab is well equipped for taking up basic molecular biology work such as DNA extraction, PCR, PCR purification, cloning, AFLP and microsatellite work. Some of the equipment in the molecular ecology lab include: PCR machines, centrifuge, gel doc system, freezers (-20, and -80), autoclave, gel electrophoresis system, hot air oven, laminar air flow hood, spectrophotometer, MQ water system, BOD incubator, fume hood, ice maker and weighing balance

The lab is maintained by Dr. Praveen Karanth (karanth@ces).