Climate Change & Conservation

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At CES, we use diverse approaches to understand and address challenges of conserving biological diversity in the context of climate change and other human induced pressures. We ask whether basic principles of ecology, such as understanding patterns of species diversity and distribution help prioritize areas for conservation. We reconstruct the past climate and the ecology therein to infer potential impact of ongoing climate change on ecological communities. We also investigate challenges of rapid urbanization and population expansion on wetlands, land use and energy security of our country.

Faculty working in areas related to climate change and conservation are:

Sumanta Bagchi: Biodiversity and global change; Wildlife conservation.

T. V. Ramachandra: Energy and wetlands; Characterisation, conservation, restoration and management of wetland ecosystems; Land use and land cover dynamics.

Raman Sukumar: Climate change in the past, present and future; Conservation of forest ecosystems and large mammals; Design of biospheres.

Saskya van Nouhuys: Populations and communities in fragmented landscapes