Raman Sukumar

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Honorary Professor
Name: Raman Sukumar
Affiliations (Departments/Programs): 
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Research in Ecology, Zoology and Molecular Biology. Current project is 'Assessment of stress-physiology in free-ranging Asian elephants.'
Selected Publications: 

Mani,S., Merino, A. García-Oliva, F. Riotte, J. and Sukumar, R. (2018). Soil properties and organic matter quality in relation to climate and vegetation in southern Indian tropical ecosystems. Soil Research 56: 80-90.

Suresh, H.S. and Sukumar, R. (2018). Phenology of Ficus spp. in a tropical dry forest, Mudumalai, south India. Journal of Forest Research 29: 1129–1138.

Chitra-Tarak, R., Ruiz, L., McMahon, S.M., Dattaraja, H.S., Kumar, M.S.M., Riotte, J., Suresh, H.S. and Sukumar, R. (2018). The roots of the drought: Hydrology and water uptake strategies mediate forest-wide demographic response to precipitation. Journal of Ecology 106: 1495–1507.

Lutz et al including Sukumar, R. (2018). Global importance of large-diameter trees. Global Ecology and Biogeography 27: 849-864.

Dattaraja, H.S., Pulla, S., Suresh, H.S., Nagaraja, M.S., Srinivasamurthy, C.A. and Sukumar, R. (2018). Woody-plant diversity in relation to environmental factors in a seasonally dry tropical forest landscape. Journal of Vegetation Science 29: 704-714.

Alonso, A.A. and Sukumar, R. (2017). Why Tropical Conservation? In: Tropical Conservation: Perspectives on local and global priorities (Eds. A.A. Aguirre and R. Sukumar), Pp.3-6. Oxford University Press, New York.

Ramaswami, G. and Sukumar, R. (2017). Invasive plants in the tropics and the case of Lantana camara. In: Tropical Conservation: Perspectives on local and global priorities (Eds. A.A. Aguirre and R. Sukumar), pp. 154-165 (Chapter 10). Oxford University Press, New York.

Pulla, S., Suresh, H.S., Dattaraja, H.S. and Sukumar, R. (2017). Multi-dimensional tree niches in a tropical dry forest. Ecology 98: 1334-1348.

Thekaekara, T., Vanak, A.T., Hiremath, A.J., Rai, N.D. Ratnam, J. and Sukumar, R. (2017). Notes from the Other Side of a Forest Fire. Economic & Political Weekly 52: 22-25.

Sukumar, R., Varma, S., Tiwari, S.K. and Menon, V. (2017). Sustainable Landscapes and Corridors to Conserve Asian Elephants in India: Successes, Challenges, and Prospects. In: Tropical Conservation: Perspectives on local and global priorities (Eds. A.A. Aguirre and R. Sukumar), Pp.29-39. (Chapter 3). Oxford University Press, New York.

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Doctor of Science (Honoris causa), Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, (2012).

Taru Lalvani Award for Protection of the Environment, Rotary Club of Bombay (2011).

Karuna Award for Contributions to National Development, Karuna Trust, Bangalore, (2010).

J.C. Bose National Fellow, Department of Science & Technology, India (2010-15).

Commendation by the Prime Minister for contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that shared the Noble Peace Prize, (2007).

B.P. Pal National Environment Fellowship Award for Biodiversity, India, (2007).

UGC National Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Award in Environmental Science and Ecology, (2006).

International Cosmos Prize, Japan, (2006).

Fellow, Geological Society of India (elected in 2006).

Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy (elected in 2005).