Undergraduate Biology Program

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IISc offers a four-year Undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Currently offered courses for UG biology major are listed in this PDF. An attractive feature of this program is that students will learn fundamentals of Physical, Mathematical and Chemical sciences while it also offers a large number of electives from the fifth semester onwards.

The first semester core biology course DB 101 has a strong component of animal behavior, evolution and ecology. Biology majors take two other ecology courses taught by CES faculty: “Ecology: Principles and Applications” in the fourth semester and a laboratory course “Experiments in Ecology” in the fifth.

From the fourth semester onwards, we welcome and encourage students in all majors to credit courses offered by CES as part of their electives (note that some courses may have pre-requisites). In addition, many IISc undergraduate students can take advantage of the KVPY/Inspire fellowships and can work with CES faculty on short research projects during the summer. Working with CES faculty on a final year research project is yet another way to get involved with CES. Feel free to write to any of the faculty whose research work interests you.

UG program

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