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Sl No Name Year of Award Advisor Thesis Topic
1 Ranjit Daniel, R J 1990 Madhav Gadgil A conservation strategy for the Birds of the Uttara Kannada District.
2 Arun Venkataraman 1991 Raghavendra Gadagkar Studies on the Mechanism of Nestmate Discrimination in a Primitively Eusocial Wasp: Implications for the Evolution of Eusociality.
3 Chandrashekara, K 1991 Raghavendra Gadagkar. Social Biology of the tropical Primitively Eusocial Wasp Ropalidia marginata (Lep.) (Hymenoptera:Vaspidae).
4 Murali, K S 1992 Raman Sukumar Vegetative and Reproductive Phenology of a tropical dry Deciduous Forest, Southern India.
5 Silanjan Bhattacharyya 1993 Madhav Gadgil Ecological organization of Indian Rural Populations.
6 Milind G. Watve 1994 Raman Sukumar Ecology of Host-Parasite interactions in a Wild Mammalian host community in Mudumalai, Southern India.
7 Prabhakar, R 1994 Madhav Gadgil Resource use, Culture and Ecological change: A case study of the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India.
8 Sudha Premnath 1995 Raghavendra Gadagkar Dominance relationships in the social organisation of the Primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata (Lep.) (Hymenoptera:Vespidae).
9 Mallikarjun Shakarad 1996 Raghavendra Gadagkar Colony founding and the evolution of eusociality in a primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata.
10 Ramachandra, T V 1997 Subramanian, D.K. and N.V. Joshi Ecologically Sound Integrated Regional Energy Planning.
11 Arathi , H S 1997 Raghavendra Gadagkar Social organisation and Co-operation Genetically mixed colonies of the Primitively eusocial wasp.
12 Shri Niwas Singh 1997 Madhav Gadgil Ecogeographical Surveying for in Situ conservation of wild relatives of cultivated plants in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka State, India.
13 Dhrubajyothi Naug 1998 Raghavendra Gadagkar Organization of work in the Primitively eusocial wasps, Ropalidia marginata.
14 Kartik Shanker 1998 Raman Sukumar Community Ecology of small Mammals in Montane Ecosystems of the Nilgiris, Southern India.
15 Harini Nagendra* 1998 Madhav Gadgil Using Satellite Imagery to assess Species Diversity within a Landscape context studies in the Western Ghats of India.
16 Hans Raj Negi 1999 Madhav Gadgil Co-variation in Diversity and Conservation value across Taxa: A case study from Garhwal Himalaya.
17 Santosh, J A 2000 Raman Sukumar Behavioural ecology of Asian elephants in Southern India: the role of offspring sex and demography.
18 Robert John 2001 Raman Sukumar Habitat associations, density- dependence, and tree species diversity in a tropical dry deciduous forest in Mudumalai, Southern India.
19 T R Shankar Raman 2002 Raman Sukumar Community Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Rain forests Birds in the South Western Ghats, India.
20 Anuradha Bhat 2002 Madhav Gadgil A Study of the diversity and ecology of the freshwater fishes of four river systems of Uttara Kannada District.
21 Sumana, A 2002 Raghavendra Gadagkar Dominance behaviour and regulation of reproduction in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata.
22 Gopinath, A 2002 Raghavendra Gadagkar Intra-Colony Relatedness and Population Genetic Structure in the Queenless, Ponerine Ant, Diacamma.
23 Sonia Koushik 2003 Vidyanand Nanjundiah To investigate the positional memory in Dictyostelium discoideum
24 Moushumi Sen Sarma 2003 Raghavendra Gadagkar Communication in Honey Bees.
25 Raamesh, R* 2003 Raghavendra Gadagkar The Social and Genetic Organization of the Queenless Ponerine Ant, Diacamma ceylonense.
26 Maulishree Agrahari 2003 Raghavendra Gadagkar Mechanism of division of labour in the primitively eusocial wasp, Ropalidia marginata.
27 Vidya, T N C * 2005 Raman Sukumar Population Genetic Structure and Phylogeography of the Asian Elepahtn (Elephas maximus) with Special Reference to India.
28 Sujata Kardile P. 2006 Raghavendra Gadagkar The social biology of Ropalidia cyathiformis and a comparison with Ropalidia marginata.
29 Ruchira Sen 2007 Raghavendra Gadagkar The biology of two sexes: a study of the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata.
30 Cheryl D. Nath 2008 Raman Sukumar Tree Diameter Growth: variations and Demographic Niches in a Tropical Dry Forest of Southern India.
31 Anindita Bhadra 2008 Raghavendra Gadagkar Queens and their successors: The story of power in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata.
32 Vivek Nityananda 2008 Rohini Balakrishnan Sensory Ecology of Acoustic Communication in the Tropical Bushcricket Genus Mecopoda: Mechanisms and Evolution of Synchrony.
33 Swati Diwakar 2008 Rohini Balakrishnan Call diversity, saptio-temporal patterning and masking interference in an assemblage of acoustically communicating ensiferan species of a tropical evergreen forest in southern India.
34 Megha Shenoy* 2008 Renee M. Borges Spatial Variation in Interactions of the semi- myrmecophyte Humboldtia brunonis (Fabaceae) with ants and other invertebrates.
35 Natasha Mahatre* 2008 Rohini Balakrishnan The prediction of field cricket phonotaxis in complex acoustic environments.
36 Alok Ashok Bang 2010 Raghavendra Gadagkar Determinants of Behavioural and Reproductive Dominance in the Primitively Eusocial Wasp Ropalidia marginata.
37 Soumya Prasad 2010 Raman Sukumar Seed dispersal in the Tropical Dry Forests of Mudumalai, Southern India.
38 Ratna Ghosal 2010 Raman Sukumar Studies on Endocrine and Behavioral Assessment of Reproductive Status in Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus).(Jointly advised with Prof. PB Seshagiri, MRDG
39 Manjari Jain 2011 Rohini Balakrishnan Habitat acoustics and microhabitat selection in an ensiferan assemblage of a tropical Evergreen Forest.
40 Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi 2011 Ravindranath, N. H. & R. Sukumar Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Indian Forests.
41 Aniruddha Mitra 2011 Raghavendra Gadagkar Attributes of Royalty in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata: Pheromone, Ovaries and Behaviour.
42 Mahua Ghara 2012 Renee M. Borges Resource partitioning among non-pollinating fig wasps: Ficus racemosa as a case study.
43 Yuvaraj, R.* 2012 Renee M. Borges Ants, figs, fig wasps: the chemical ecology of a multitrophic system.
44 Shantanu Pramod Shukla 2012 Raghavendra Gadagkar Reproductive caste differentiation in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata.
45 Jahnavi Ganesh Joshi 2012 Praveen Karanth Biogeography and systematics of select Scolopendrids (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha) of the Western Ghats, India.
46 Rohini Bansal 2012 Praveen Karanth Phylogeny and biogeography of Hemidactylus (Gray, 1845) geckos of the Indian subcontinent.
47 Sathe Santosh Lahu 2012 Vidyanand Nanjundiah Trade-offs and social behaviour in the cellular slime moulds.
48 Ranjana Jaiswara 2013 Rohini Balakrishnan Systematics, phylogeny and acoustic evolution in field crickets (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Gryllinae)
49 Geetha, R. 2013 Raman Sukumar The ecology of the invasive plants Lantana camara and chromolaena odorata in a tropical dry deciduous forest.
50 Sandhya Sekar 2013 Praveen Karanth Comparitive phylogeography and population genetics of selected butterflies in Western Ghats.
51 Nandita Mondal 2014 R. Sukumar Fire ecology of a seasonally dry tropical forest in southern India
52 Hari Sridhar 2014 Kartik Shanker Causes and consequences of heterospecific foraging associations in terrestrial bird communities.
53 S.P. Vijayakumar 2014 Kartik Shanker Insights into an evolutionary radiation: causes and consequences of diversification in the Western Ghats bush frogs.
54 Joyshree Chanam 2014 Renee M. Borges A farewell to arms: dynamics of interactions between the unique semi-myrmecophyte Humboldtia brunonis (Fabaceae) and its domatia inhabitants in the absence of a universal protection mutualism.
55 Ishan Agarwal 2014 Praveen Karanth Biogeography and Systematics of bent-toed geckos (Squamata;Gekkonidae)
56 Samira Agnihotri 2015 Rohini Balakrishnan The structure and function of the vocal repertoire of the greater racket-tailed drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus): insights into avian vocal mimicry
57 Karpagam Chelliah 2015 R. Sukumar Sexual Selection on elephants tusks
58 Anusha Krishnan* 2015 Renee M. Borges The role of nursery size and plant phenology on the reproduction and relationships with a fig-fig wasp nursery pollination system.
59 Rittik Deb 2015 Rohini Balakrishnan Mate choice, mate sampling and baffling behaviour in the tree cricket Oecanthus henryi.
60 Saikat Chakraborty 2015 Raghavendra Gadagkar Molecular ecology of the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginta: relatedness, queen succession and population genetics.
61 Sneha Vijayakumar 2015 Kartik Shanker Understanding patterns of bird species distribution in the Western Ghats.
62 Paromita Saha 2016 Raghavendra Gadagkar Queen succession in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata
63 Monisha Bhattacharyya 2016 Rohini Balakrishnan Investigating pattern recognition and bi-coordinate sound localization in the tree cricket species Oecanthus henryi
64 Diptarup Nandi* 2016 Rohini Balakrishnan Acoustic signals, mate choice and mate sampling strategies in a field cricket.
65 Navendu Page 2016 Kartik Shanker Species ranges, richness and replacement of trees in the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats.
66 Rutuja Chitra Tarak 2016 R. Sukumar Eco-hydrology of a seasonally dry tropical forest: tree growth, below ground water dynamics and drought-vulnerability (Jointly advised with Prof. Nagesh Kumar, Dept. of Civil Engineering)
67 Souvik Mandal 2017 Raghavendra Gadagkar Finding the way back home: a study of orientation, navigation and homing behaviour in the social wasp Ropalidia marginata
68 Lakshya Katariya* 2017 Renee M Borges Ecology of fungus-farming by termites: fungal population genetics and defensive mechanisms of termites against the parasitic fungus Pseudoxylaria
69 Pratibha Yadav* 2017 Renee M Borges Oviposition strategies of non-pollinating fig wasps.
70 Deodhar Shreekant Jayant 2017 Kavita Isvaran Sexual selection and mate-choice in Psammophilus dorsalis.
71 Anindita Brahma 2018 Raghavendra Gadagkar Game of thrones: Direct fitness through nest foundation in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata
72 Anuradha Batabyal 2018 Maria Thaker Urbanisation and shifting phenotypes: behavioural, physiological and cognitive strategies of the Indian rock agama Psammophilus dorsalis
73 Jaideep Joshi 2018 Vishwesha Guttal Spatial and coevolutionary dynamics of cooperation
74 Sabiha Majumder 2018 Vishwesha Guttal Multiple stable states and abrupt transitions in ecosystems (Jointly advised with Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy, Dept. of Physics)
75 Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel 2018 R.Sukumar Stress physiology of free-ranging Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): influence of ecological and anthropogenic stressors (Jointly advised with Prof. PB Seshagiri, MRDG)
76 Suman Attiwalli 2018 Kavita Isvaran Investigating the impact of habitat disturbance and the role of functional traits in butterflies in a tropical forest
77 Sruthi Unnikrishnan 2018 Raghavendra Gadagkar For queen and country: reproductive and non-reproductive division of labour in the primitively eusocial wasp, Ropalidia cyathiformis
78 Aparna Lajmi 2018 Praveen Karanth Systematics and diversification in a continental radiation of Hemidactylus geckos
79 Manvi Sharma* 2018 Kavita Isvaran On trait evolution in a heterogeneous environment: Oviposition site selection in a mosquito in response to multiple risk factors.
80 Sandeep Pulla 2018 R.Sukumar The Structure And Dynamics Of A Tropical Dry Forest Plant Community
81 Ashok Kumar Malik 2018 Kartik Shanker Systematics and Comparative Biogeography of Vine Snakes (Genus: Ahaetulla, Family: Colubridae) and Pit vipers (Genus: Trimeresurus, Family: Viperidae) in Peninsular India.
82 Rayees Ahmad Malik 2019 R.Sukumar Climate-Growth Relationships of West Himalayan Fir (Abies pindrow) along an Altitudinal Gradient in Northwestern Himalaya
83 Sumithra Sankaran 2019 Vishwesha Guttal Local Interactions, Spatial Patterns and Ecosystem Stability
84 V.Vignesh* 2019 Renee M Borges The evolutionary ecology of dispersal in fig wasp communities
85 Torsekar Varun Raghunandan 2019 Kartik Shanker Lineage delimitation and diversification in Nyctibatrachus, an endemic frog genus from the Westeren Ghats
86 D.K.Bharti 2019 Kartik Shanker Dispersal Patterns and Processes in Littorinid Snails Along the Indian Coastline
87 Divya B 2019 Praveen Karanth A Phylogenetic Persective on the Phytogeography of Western Ghats
88 Jambhekar Ravi Madhav 2019 Kavita Isvaran The influence of landscape composition on butterfly populations; A behavioural ecological approach
89 Ekta Choudhary 2019   Large Herbivore Dung Decomposition: Effects on nutrient cycling in a tropical forest of southern India
90 Rayees Ahmad Malik 2019   Climate-growth relationships of west Himalayan Fir (Abies pindrow) along an altitudinal gradient in northwestern Himalaya
91 Karthik Murthy 2020 Sumanta Bagchi Spatial and temporal patterns of vegetation-climate interactions
90 Mehreen Khaleel 2020 Sumanta Bagchi Distribution, activity budget and feeding ecology of Himalayan gray langur (Semnopithecus ajax) in Kashmir Himalaya.
91 Md Shakilur Kabir * 2020 Maria Thaker Patterns and drivers of multimodal signalling in diurnal geckos
92 Devica Ranade 2020 Kavita Isvaran Intrasexual competition in females of a polygynous lizard, Psammophilus dorsalis
93 Debarshi Dasgupta (MSc) 2020 Sumanta Bagchi Impact of the invasive shrub Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae) on carbon and nitrogen stocks in a seasonally dry tropical forest.
94 Jitesh Jhawar 2020 Vishwesha Guttal Intrinsic noise in collective dynamics
95 Sambita Modak * 2020 Rohini Balakrishnan Condition dependent signalling and mating behaviour in the tree cricket Oecanthus henryi
96 Aswathy Nair 2020 Rohini Balakrishnan Multimodal duetting and pair formation in a paleotropical false leaf katydid (Onomarchus uninotatus)
97 Harish Prakash 2020 Rohini Balakrishnan Foraging decisions of the lesser false vampire bat, Megaderma Spasma in a heterogeneous landscape
98 Priti Bangal 2020 Kartik Shanker Understanding Rules of Assembly and Species Interactionsin Mixed-species Bird Flocks
99 Nitika Sharma 2020 Raghavendra Gadagkar A Place for Everything and Everything in its place: Spatial Organization of Individuals on the Nests of Ropalidia marginata.
100 Nikita Zachariah 2020 Renee M. Borges Brick-laying to Building Mud Castles: Ecology and Engineering of Mound Construction by the Fungus-farming Termite Odontotermes obesus
101 Satyajeet Gupta * 2021 Renee M. Borges Through the looking glass: Phoresy as seen in the light of mutualism
102 Akanksha Rathore 2021 Vishwesha Guttal and Kavita Isvaran Collective escape dynamics of blackbuck herds during predation-like events
103 Ananya Jana 2021 Praveen Karanth Diversity from the Gut to Species: Phylogeny, Population genetics and Microbiome of Antilope cervicapra
104 Chinta Sidharthan 2021 Praveen Karanth Understanding the origins and diversification of Indian blindsnakes
105 Shamik Roy 2021 Sumanta Bagchi Soil microorganisms and biogeochemical cycles in a grazing ecosystem: Interactions between producers,consumers and decomposers
106 Jayabharathy R 2021    
107 Anne Heloise Theo 2022 Kartik Shanker Diversity and distribution of mixed-species groups of reef fish in the Lakshadweep islands
108 Pronoy Baidya 2022 Sumanta Bagchi Ground-dwelling arthropods across human land use: Interpreting the spatial and temporal dimensions of beta diversity
109 Pritha Kundu (MSc) 2022 Vishwesha Guttal Effect of Boundary On Collective Movement of Animal Groups
110 Vibhuti Shastri (MSc) 2022 Maria Thaker Space-use patterns in predator-prey systems

* Integrated Ph.D. Programme