Faculty Positions

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CES invites applications for faculty positions, primarily at the level of Assistant Professor, although applications at Associate and Full Professor levels will also be considered. Applicants should have a Ph.D., two to three years of post-doctoral experience, and a good publication record in international quality journals.

For information on how to apply, please go to http://www.iisc.ac.in/about/faculty-corner/how-to-apply/

The faculty of CES meets periodically (approximately once in three-to-six months) to discuss the pool of applicants. Based on their qualifications, shortlisted applicants will then be invited to present their work at CES and to meet with the faculty to discuss their research interests. However, if you are visiting Bangalore, you can consider an informal visit to CES, speaking to faculty and giving a seminar; write to the chair about your interest to visit (chair.ces@iisc.ac.in). After faculty deliberations, the department will then forward the list of short-listed candidates along with its recommendation to the Institute. The Institute will then set up a formal selection committee consisting of the Director, Divisional Chairman, Department Chairman and three to four invitees (at least two of them will be non-IISc experts in the area of specialization of the candidate). The final decision made by this committee will be ratified by the IISc Council (which meets once in three months, March, June, Sept and Dec).

The process (from the time of application to selection) may take approximately six months to a year. You could contact the chairman for updates.

Please see the official IISc website on applications for faculty positions. You could also read an informal website created by a group of IISc professors on various aspects of the faculty selection process. Please contact chair.ces@iisc.ac.in for any queries.

We encourage prospective faculty candidates to consider applying for various national fellowships. To increase support to science and to attract the best young scientific minds to Indian research, the Government of India has constituted a number of attractive early career faculty fellowships. We list some of them below:

1. Ramanujan Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology
2. Ramalingaswami Fellowship by the Department of Biotechnology
3. Inspire faculty fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology
4. Wellcome Trust – DBT Fellowships (Early career, Intermediate and Senior).

Candidates should check the specific websites for selection and eligibility criteria, application procedures, deadlines and other details. However, it must be noted that the selection of candidates for these national fellowships does not guarantee a tenure-track faculty position at IISc. CES/IISc conducts its own evaluation, as briefly described above, of the faculty applications. The above grants can, however, complement the research support that IISc provides for early career researchers. Write to the Chair of the department (chair.ces@iisc.ac.in) for any clarifications.