Invited Seminar at CES on 25 January 2023 at 3:00 pm titled "Sustainable monitoring tools for insects in a rapidly changing world" by Mansi Mungee from University of Leeds, UK

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Sustainable monitoring tools for insects in a rapidly changing world
Mansi Mungee , University of Leeds, UK
Date & Time: 
25 Jan 2023 - 3:00pm
Event Type: 
Invited Seminar
CES Seminar Hall, 3rd Floor, Biological Sciences Building
Before the talk

Insects represent the most diverse group of animals on Earth and form critical links in terrestrial and freshwater food webs. Alarmingly, recent studies have reported dramatic insect declines in several parts of the world putting insect conservation firmly on the public and policy agenda. Gathering standardized and quantitative data on insects is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and requires large amounts of sustained funding that can rarely be met by conventional conservation-research funds. Technological and computational advances in remote sensing, which provide potential new solutions to this global challenge, will be discussed with a special emphasis on computer vision and radar entomology.