Workshop on Quantitative Thinking in Ecology (Deadline for Applications: June 10th)

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Title: SERB-Funded Kaaryashala workshop on Quantitative Thinking in Ecology (Deadline for Applications: June 10th)

About the Workshop :

Modern biological research is a highly quantitative subject. Mathematics and statistical tools play a crucial role in study design, data collection, analysis of data and finally, interpretation of results. At one extreme, many areas of biological sciences grapple with limited data and huge variability. At the other extreme, several areas of biological sciences are inundated with massive data – witnessing and even driving the so-called big data revolution.

To address challenging questions in modern biology, students need a strong foundation in basic mathematics and statistical tools. In this workshop, we will introduce students to quantitative thinking in ecology, covering topics from basic to advanced methods.

Topics to be covered:
Study design
R programming
A refresher on basic math and probability
Foundations of statistical thinking
Visualising and analysing data
Classical statistical analysis and alternatives,
and more.

Plan of activities:
Lectures, hands on tutorials, and research seminars.

Dates: 11th July to 17th July 2022.

Venue: CES, IISc, Bengaluru

Candidates selected for the workshop will be given TA and DA as per SERB norms. Accommodation at IISc depends on availability.

Eligibility: Students pursuing PG/PhD in Ecology and Evolution (broadly defined). Primary target for our workshop are PG and PhD students from universities and colleges. If you are currently studying MSc/equivalent, only those who have completed one year will be considered.

Deadline for application: 10th June 2022 (Results will be announced by 17th June.)

Application form:

Workshop Speakers:
Umesh Srinivasan, CES, IISc
Vishwesha Guttal, CES, IISc
Kavita Isvaran, CES, IISc
Suhel Quader, NCF, Bengaluru.

Research Seminars by:
Rohini Balakrishnan, CES, IISc
Maria Thaker, CES, IISc
Kartik Shanker, CES, IISc
Uma Ramakrishnan, TIFR-NCBS

Frequently Asked Questions:

For more queries, please contact Please check the FAQ page before writing to us.