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CES invites applications for Inclusive Ecology Workshop, Feb 2023 (Deadline 10th Jan)


Inclusive Ecology is an online workshop organised by the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. 

The workshop will introduce participants to broad concepts and approaches in the fields of Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour, Conservation and Quantitative Thinking via workshops. We will also conduct workshops on building professional skills, careers in ecology, and life as a PhD. student.

Opportunities at Prof Saskya Van Nouhuys lab.

Field Assistant Position: I am looking for a field assistant to work in my lab at the Centre for Ecological Sciences at IISc in Bangalore. We study ecological interactions between species, and the consequences of these interactions at the population and community levels, mostly using insects and plants. See for more details about our research.

Field staff policy

field staff
Dinesh Subba has been working on the Arunachal Pradesh long-term bird project on bird demography since 2011                Mayavan has been working in the Nilgiris since the 1990s and has assisted a range of researchers from CES as well as other organisations.