Lakshadweep Field Station

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CES is in the process of establishing permanent field stations across three islands, namely Kadmat, Kavaratti and Agatti in the Lakshadweep archipelago.The stations are currently being used for various projects including the study of grouping behaviour in reef fish and a study on the foraging behaviour and movement of the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). The waters around the islands are home to a rich diversity of fish and various invertebrate taxa. There is also a large resident population of green turtles that forage on the sea grass meadows in the lagoons. The field stations are being set up in collaboration with Dakshin Foundation for long term community monitoring of fish and other resources.

Each field station will have electricity, running water and a functional kitchen. Boats are hired as per requirement from the local community and the station will have basic equipment required for SCUBA diving and snorkelling.The stations will mainly be used between September and April, which is the field season for the islands. There is a regular service of ships between the mainland and the islands and relatively frequent service of speed vessels between the islands. Contact Kartik Shanker ( for more details.

Nearest Airport: Agatti Island

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